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Crane Training PHQ academy

 Crane & Equipment Training Subjects include the operation, inspection, lift planning, assembly and disassembly of mobile cranes, forklift, overhead cranes, pedestal cranes, tower cranes

Rigging Training PHQ academy

Rigging Training subjects include advanced rigging and signaling, and rigging gear inspection. PHQ has paved the way in the industry regarding rigging training

Inspection Training PHQ academy

 Inspection subjects include wire rope, wire rope slings, chains, synthetic slings , round-slings , rigging hardware , below-the-hook-lifting devices, as well as mobile cranes and overhead cranes, tower cranes and forklifts

Certification training PHQ academy

Certification training courses prepare students to complete practical and written exams for certifications PHQ Qualifications

including basic rigger , signalpersion , advanced rigger , mobile crane operator , overhead crane operator , and lift director


Lift Planning Training PHQ academy

Lift planning subjects including lift directing , site supervision , and critical lift planning . PHQ has been offering these courses of their kind , they are another example of the company’s pioneering  spirit to improving the client’s crane and rigging activities

Heavy Equipment Training PHQ academy

Heavy equipment training subjects include operation and inspection of light and heavy rolling stock including forklifts , telescopic handlers , backhoes, loaders, graders , aerial work platform , and various other equipment. PHQ has offered these subjects since its inception as Crane & Equipment Training




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